Charli McKenna’s Medical Exam

charli mckenna medical examOne look at Charli McKenna’s body is not enough.  It really needs to be examined.  Respected.


The doctor just has to find a way to get his tongue on that pussy.  How else would you check that PH level?  How would you find out if that is a firm or pillowy pussy?  Honestly, how can you know anything about a pussy until you have licked it, spit in it, slid inside it, cum on it and smeared it around those pussy lips?  Why wouldn’t you put a speculum in her pussy and a retractor in her tight asshole?  She takes such good care of it that you have to just cherish it and appreciate every bit of it.  She should smack you if you don’t.  She seems too nice to do that though.


The verdict is that Charli’s pussy tastes sweet enough to be addictive, yet still feels like a light and healthy snack.  Then you feel those tight legs and ass.  You have just activated her tractor beam.  Your dick gets pulled into those soft pussy lips.  Maybe the beast can be satisfied by sliding the head of your cock gently through her labia.  OH DAMN!  It is so wet that one pass through the crease catches you so unaware that you fall in, balls deep.  In a quick panic you pull out but don’t dare to pull the head completely out.  This is the point where you realize that your dick just got lubed in less than 3 seconds and that was hot enough to make you want to stay in.  She is dripping the good stuff.  Fresh, viscous, mild pussy juice.  Now it makes sense, no junk in, no junk out.  You are about to burn some calories.


Come on!  You’re not going to find a way to jump in there!?  It could probably make a doctor lie.  Charli McKenna is absolutely irresistible.


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